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Increase the relevance score of Instagram

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Increase the relevance score of Instagram

If you use  Google AdWords  for your campaigns, you may already know one of its great tricks: the level of quality or  Quality Score . What is not so well known anymore is that social networks like Instagram also use very similar metrics in their advertising.

Knowing  how the Instagram quality score works  (also known as the ” relevance score “) is one of the great keys to being the king of ads on this social Buy Phone Number Database Malaysia network. So today I’m going to tell you what the relevance score of Instagram is, where it hides and how you can make it work for you.

What is the relevance score of Instagram and why do you want to increase yours?

The  relevance score  is a metric that measures the  quality level of your ads on Instagram (and Facebook) based on their success with the target audience . This indicator is key to successfully managing your account, because all the others depend indirectly on it. I explain:

  • When deciding  how much an ad will show  in relation to its competition, Instagram takes the relevance score into account. That is, if there are several brands that have launched ads for a specific target audience, those with a higher quality level will be displayed more  on Instagram  . This is because the network aims to favor content that improves the user experience, and this includes advertisements.
  • The  Instagram Quality Index also determines the cost per click  of your ads. Although the network itself does not provide much data on how cost per click is calculated, it is logical to assume that it also uses it to favor advertisers that it considers to be of higher quality.
  • By increasing impressions and decreasing clicks, a higher relevance score will lead to  better results for your ad .
  • And also, the  level of quality on Instagram  can serve as a  guide to optimize your ads . By analyzing the common elements of the highest-scoring ads and combining them, you can improve your campaigns quickly and effectively.

How can I find out my relevance score?

The  relevance score of Instagram has  a value of 1 (not very relevant) to 10 (very relevant). Previously this was an “internal” metric, taken into account to calculate ad position, but could not be seen by the advertiser himself. Recently this has changed, and now there is more transparency. You can check yours by going to “Campaigns” and clicking on “Ads” within the Ads manager.

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This metric is calculated only for ads that have 500 impressions or more, as  Instagram  uses data about its performance to calculate the quality index. The exact parameters vary depending on the objective you have set for the ad, but depend mainly on  two factors :

  • Positive feedback:  how many times Instagram expects users who see the ad to take a desired action, for example, share the ad, indicate that they like it, visit your website, etc.
  • Negative comments:  how many times Instagram expects users who see the ad to have a negative reaction, for example, hiding the ad or indicating that they do not want to see more campaigns of your brand.

In addition to the global score and the expected level of positive and negative comments, in the ads manager you can also see a  comparison  of your ad with the competition in terms of its quality level and its  evolution  over time. Because of course, the relevance score of Instagram can change … and in the next section I explain the tricks to make it increase.

7 tips to increase your quality level on Instagram

  1. Fine-tune your targeting.  A very important fact to keep in mind is that the relevance score on Instagram is always calculated based on the audience the ad is targeting. The better defined this audience, the greater the chances that you can offer them something that fits exactly what they need. For example, an audience type “Spaniards between 18 and 34 years old” is very weak, one like “Spanish women between 18 and 34 years old who live in a big city” is better and one like “Spanish women between 18 and 34 years old. who live in a big city, are fond of the mountains and practice adventure sports “would be excellent. Of course, be careful not to go overboard: you need your audience to be large enough for the campaign to make sense.
  2. Take care of the copy and the image.  Nowhere like on Instagram is it so true that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Therefore, the first aspect to refine is the image of your ads. The same tips that apply to your Instagram account in general can be applied to your ads: look for images that are clear, tell a story, and have bold colors. When it comes to copying, you need to clearly explain what you are offering and why it may be of interest to the target audience.
  3. Renew your ads.  According to the social network itself, one of the uses of the quality score on Instagram is to serve as an indication of when to Phone Number List change your ads. And it is that no matter how good they are, over time the target audience has already seen them and begins to tire. So if you see your quality level drop, it’s time for a facelift.
  4. Make your ad not look like an ad.  The users of the 21st century are already fed up with advertising, and systematically reject everything that sounds like the usual ads. In addition, aesthetics are valued more on Instagram than on any other social network. So give your creativity a spin and don’t fall for the usual advertising clichés.
  5. Include a call to action.  “Ok, very nice, now what?” If you want to improve the effectiveness of the ad, you will have to hold the user’s hand and kindly indicate where to go. That is, include in your ads a call to action related to the goal, such as “check our catalog” or “buy now”. This simple detail can exponentially increase ad results and with them, the relevance score on Instagram.
  6. Do A / B tests.  You know that marketers are a bit like scientists: to get proven results, we have to launch into experimentation. In the case of Quality Score on Instagram, there are two different ways to test your ads: use the same ad with two different audiences, or use two different ads with the same audience. The most efficient is to test a single variable at a time, such as copy, image color, or user location. For reliable results, let your ads accumulate at least a few hundred impressions before comparing. Stick with the variant that gives you the best results and then try the next variable … and so on for life.
  7. Avoid controversial or offensive content.  Remember that to improve your quality score on Instagram, you have two possible ways: increase the probability of generating positive reactions or decrease the probability of causing negative reactions. If you go for the controversy, you may get both … so your quality level will remain mediocre. To avoid this, prioritize good taste and attractive design.
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