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How to track your marketing campaigns correctly

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How to track your marketing campaigns correctly

More and more campaigns are being made that you can control. When thinking about campaigns, the first thing that comes to mind are some that have a direct cost such as Social Ads, AdWords, Display and RTB among others. However, there are many other means that we erroneously do not account for and that logically also involve costs, although sometimes they are more difficult to calculate.An example of this can be a campaign to our database, the time of consulting, writing, design, layout, the proportional cost of shipping, etc. Nowadays, ROI (return on investment) prevails and drawing conclusions about what works or what doesn’t. The use of AB Test techniques are necessary, vital and very useful for companies because it allows them to have everything well controlled at the media level, sources being able to always check which of them generates the most return on investment (ROI).Once these business aspects have been raised, we are going to see how to track your marketing campaigns correctly.UTMs are no longer only used in Analytics, but have also been adopted by other analytics systems and other tools such as Inbound Marketing. These labels or UTMs will allow you to have all the sources controlled and compare the performance of the different us cell phone database actions . Making ROI calculations consists of a combination of these labels and having very well defined and controlled all the conversion metrics (definition of objectives, events …). Thanks to all this information, you will be able to optimize campaigns, redistribute budgets, learn about the effectiveness of some things or others, etc. Nowadays, an increasing effort is made in Inbound Marketing activities, where the investment in time and money is high. That is why we must have all our actions controlled and audited. The configuration of labels is open, so it is very important to follow a clear protocol on how to call them and we will know what parameters we must add to each of the actions that we want to control.

Therefore, it is always necessary to try to collect as much information as possible so that it is clear and with a well-defined objective and for this the ideal will always be to establish an additional parameter. What are these utm tags that we are going to use?The UTM tags are additional parameters added to a URL and provide us with additional information about the origin of that user (possible lead and client). In this way, we can control our Inbound Marketing much better. Here you can see that the URL is really the question mark symbol and where we will add a series of parameters, in this case the name of the campaign, which is an ebook of ours. The source used is Twitter and in our case in particular, we differentiate the medium by paidsocial since it is an action of Social Ads on Twitter (there are people who use social to compare paid and organic. However, in our case it is like this for adapt it to our Inbound tool). In this way, we can control the campaign both in Google Analytics and in our case in HubSpot and it will allow us to see where the leads come from and their quality. Next, we will explain in more detail these labels whose values ​​will appear in the different sections of Analytics with the values ​​that you have defined: utm_source: It is used to define the Source of the campaign. It would be where the user will see that link: on Facebook, the Country? In this case, it is Twitter.utm_medium: How was the message communicated? Via email, social networks, display, it has come for organic traffic, etc.utm_campaign: Here you define your campaign, the name you want to give it. I recommend a very descriptive and protocolized name, campana_socialads_otono17_abrigos to give an example (keep in mind that you also have the rest of the parameters to classify it).

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utm_term and utm_content: They are two optional labels. The first is especially suitable for tracking keywords, the second content variations (different banners, different call to action for the same URL in for example an email, etc.), they are also used for PPC campaigns outside of AdWords and thus control, for example Ads that generate the click.As we have commented, these values ​​will appear in Analytics or in other tools.utm_campaign in the campaign report (in the acquisition area)utm_source and utm_medium in Source / Medium and also in channel grouping.These URLS can be created manually if you are used to it. The normal thing is to use Google Analytics URL builder that facilitates and helps you to perform this task more clearly:Another way to name campaignsThe way to name campaigns is perhaps the most important aspect when tagging . We must know with total clarity all our actions and above all we have to think about the future because what seems easy and simple today can get complicated. This is why many times we find accounts with unintelligible criteria in which valuable information is lost. It is true that there is no one-size-fits-all criterion, but there are some tips that are good to follow. Some of these tips may be, for example, not to use complex nomenclatures that must later be deciphered . You should always try to do something “understandable” in such a way that when reading it, it is easily understood since enough data is handled by itself in analytics and reports to add an additional variable to be deciphered.You can tag social media campaigns in the clearest way you find it . We specifically like to differentiate social from paid social, but it is true that many people use social as a medium. The campaign can be more precise (in fact, it is better) and for this we will normally add a reference month and year.

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On the contrary, if there were several campaigns in parallel, we would identify each one of them. In content, if you have different creatives in the campaign (something recommended), you must differentiate it with that content variable always indicating the creative, banner_01 or banner_foto_playa or anything else that identifies it. For this medium, we normally use the source variable to identify the database or segment we are targeting. There are people who use campaigns for this type of information. We opt for this option. If the client has more than one delivery system, sometimes we also use the surce field to identify it and in campaign we are more descriptive using the name of the campaign whenever the segment is needed. However, for this medium, the options are many, because there are also systems that can add a shipping ID to the Campaign variable, so that all related information can differ from that ID.The rest of the media are more “standard” since you can propose your own tagging strategy yourself and define it with maximum clarity and vision of the future.Another aspect of the tagged theme is PPC campaigns. It is best not to tag AdWords campaigns and therefore the best thing you can do is link your AdWords account with your Analytics account . It is true that sometimes it is not possible to link both accounts. Now, some occasions, even if you have them linked, you will have to tag them if you have an analytics option.It can be a pure analytical tool or the typical Inbound USA Phone Number List platform in which its own analytics is always integrated in parallel (and if you do not tag, this medium will appear in a general catchall)In case you have to use tagging both in Adwords and in other options such as Bing, you can use the variable fields, in Adwords they are the valueTracks and you can enter them for the entire account, the campaign, etc.They are variables of the type {keyword} if you want to add the keywords that triggered the ad or {campaignid} for the campaign ID (because name cannot be removed). In the case of Bing, here is an example of tagging at the campaign level:One of the most common problems in order to obtain the analysis and ROI in campaigns that have already been carried out previously, comes from an incorrect tagging. A badly carried out tagging has little solution and that is why we advise you to correctly plan this aspect and develop a tagging strategy that will serve for today and especially for tomorrow. The whole team must be informed of this strategy . It is very common for one to carry out the email activity, another the social ads activity and at the end some are making a system and others another without being directly tagging the campaigns. Therefore, having a good document will be very useful for this pedagogy.

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