Study Between the French and Their Personal Data is Complicated

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Study Between the French and Their Personal Data is Complicated

Therefore, Havas Media Group France has just published the results of a study which takes stock of the relationship between the French and Data. Therefore, Aware and worried French people who do not hesitate to give their data; on condition of obtaining compensation. video-surveillance Worried French people… Havas Media interviewed 1,000 Internet users representative of the French population, aged 15 to 64.  Therefore, The first lesson is that they are perfectly aware of the transmission of their data to third parties. 93% know that they are captured and 84% are worried about it. Three fears emerge: 74% of Internet users are afraid of the fraudulent use of data, 53% are afraid that details of their intimate life will be revealed and 47% fear surveillance by the authorities.

The typology of French people with

Thanks to the answers provided by the sample Anhui Mobile Phone Number List questioned, Havas Media was able to segment Internet users into five distinct profiles. Each group has specific behaviors and expectations. Native Data – 24%. A rather young population (15 to 25 years old), aware of the collection of personal data but not very worried. For them, it’s normal, usual, they don’t protect themselves more or less than others and don’t expect much from the transmission of data. Data Strategists – 9%. They are older (35-49) and quite aware. They pay more attention to the data they provide and seek compensation. Data Fatalists – 27%. This population is quite young, conscious, worried but fatalistic.  know that their data is captured but  really control the confidentiality of their data. They protect themselves little, through negligence.

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