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Web usability: key principles to improve the user experience

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Web usability: key principles to improve the user experience

The success of a website depends on many factors, but those related to its design and development are essential to make it the favorite site of the target audience. Of all of them, web usability and user experience are two of the most transcendental and well known by experts in development, design and (increasingly) SEO. But they are not as easy to master as it may sound.The errors of web usability are the order of the day and may be responsible (in part) to divert traffic from one page to another easier for the user. The best way to avoid this type of problem is by knowing and mastering this concept of web design and putting its universal principles into practice.What is web usability?The concept of usability applied to the web refers to the ease and efficiency of a page. That is, it is considered that a website is usable when users can complete their objective within it in a comfortable, simple and intuitive way.It should be noted that, although they are sometimes used as synonyms, mobile number user name list usability and user experience are not the same. In fact, it is possible for the first to exist without the second, although the reverse is practically impossible.

That is, for the user experience (User Experience, UX) on a page to be good, several factors must come together, including usability.10 keys to web usability.Controlling and mastering web usability involves knowing the 10 heuristic principles of Jackob Nielsen , some universal rules discovered by the one who is already considered a true guru of this matter.Visibility of the status of the page , so that the user knows at all times what is happening on the web and where they are. For example, in a purchase process, the indicators about the exact moment of the transaction constitute usability features.Relationship between the web and the real world . A page is usable if it speaks the same language of the user, follows a logical order, allows to connect with him in a natural way … This usability key refers to symbols such as the “cart” in an online store or that of a book to download a ebook.

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Control and freedom of the user to correct errors and return to an initial state. The “undo” or “change” buttons and breadcrumbs are also a step towards improving web usability.Standards . It is necessary to follow universal languages ​​and symbols, so that the user does not have to guess what is meant or shown in each case. At this point it should be remembered that more important than design is the ease of use of the India Phone Number List , although you can find the perfect balance between the two.Prevention of errors through exhaustive control before they appear. To do this, developers can resort to well-known usability tests, which check if everything is designed and implemented for the end user and not for a robot.Recognition before I remember . It is better to load the interaction options of the page as the user progresses, rather than reminding him where he can go to fulfill the action.Flexibility and efficiency , whether it is the first visit to the page or if you are a frequent user of it. The most “newbies” will have a more superficial level of interaction but the same need to make the most of the web.Minimalism in design and aesthetics , eliminating everything that is unnecessary. Better to strive on a smooth page, where conversion goals are easily achieved, than a busy one with user interruptions.With these keys to web usability in mind, you can develop a simple, complete page adapted to the conversion objectives that have been raised at the beginning of the marketing strategy.

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