Win Your Tickets for the Rennes Tennis Open

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Win Your Tickets for the Rennes Tennis Open

As every year for 5 years, RegionsJob is a partner of the Rennes Tennis Open. This is the ninth edition of the tournament, which will take place from October 6 to 12, 2014 at the Colette Besson hall in Bréquigny. On the program, 32 players including 7 members of the top 100! Among the best known are the Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci, the Israeli Dudi Sela, the German Jan-Lennard Struff and the French Nicolas Mahut and Kenny De Schepper. More than 16,000 spectators were present last year, we invite you to attend the event too. We have 36 invitations for two to offer you, all for different days of the week. To participate, it’s very easy. All you have to do is leave a comment under this article specifying the day you want to go to the tournament. We will then draw the winners and send them the tickets by post. So remember to look at your emails, we will need your postal address if you are drawn.

Addicted to your smartphone Forest

In a meeting, at the office, during a wedding, in the car, in the Venezuela Phone Number List bathroom, in a restaurant… whatever the place or the time, our smartphone has become a real magnet that we can’t help but consult. The fear of missing an event in the news, an email or a tweet makes us check our phone several hundred times a day. A certain form of slavery, but above all a real brake on our productivity. To free yourself from this technological yoke, a fun and well-designed application exists: Forest. forest Available on iOS and Android, the principle of the app could not be simpler and you “forbid” you to look at your phone for 30 minutes. By launching the application you are planting the seed of a tree. For 30 minutes the tree grows and develops, but only if you leave your smartphone alone. If you use it, the tree dies. The trees created are then visible in a virtual forest. The application is ultimately nothing more than a Timer but the UX is really excellent and the principle very successful.

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Venezuela Phone Number List

Digital shows sustained growth

The global advertising market enjoyed strong FB Users momentum for this first half. Advertising Revenues Amounted to 7.831 Billion. Euros and Thus Show an Increase of 13.2% Compared to the. 1st Half of 2021. The Advertising Market Also Shows a Good Mobilization of Advertisers. Bringing Together 50,830 Advertisers Across All Media. For This 1st Half of 2022 (+5.5% Compared to 2021). Increased Growth. In Digital Media and Expansion of Digital. Outdoor Advertising Digital Shows Strong Growth. In the Advertising Market in the First Half of 2022. The Report Indicates That Its Advertising Revenues. Amounted to 4.302 Billion Euros, an Increase of 19% Compared to the 1st Half of 2021 and +54% Compared to 2019. This Momentum is Also Felt in Digital Media. Whose Advertising Revenues Amounted to 270 Million Euros. Increase of 17.3% Compared to Compared to 2021. In Addition, This Growth is Also Increased by Dooh (or Digital Out-of-home, or Digital Outdoor Advertising). Which is Experiencing Strong Growth. Thus, Revenues From Digital Media and Dooh Added. Together Reach 360 Million Euros in Total (+24% Compared to the 1st Half of 2021). Display and Paid Search Are the Channels Favored. By Advertisers for This Semester. Digital Accounts for 36,049 Advertisers, or 71% of the Total Advertising Market.

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